Hi! I'm Matthew

During the day-to-day I work as a software engineer at Uber. I'm a life-long student, husband, and sometimes a coach. On a more personal level, I'm curious and persistent. I read, observe, and engage.

This website is for me to share and pass along interesting things I have learned over the years. Some knowledge will be self-evident and rather easy to follow. While other bits are dense and encompass a large amount of info.

Either way, my hope for you the reader, is to find at least one interesting thing. Some life skill which will compound in its usefulness over time. Then with your new-found knowledge, I hope you can and will want to and pass it along to others who could also enjoy or benefit from it.

Where to go next

There are many places you can go from here. You can read some of my posts or check out some code I've written.


The best way to get in touch with me is mail@mdc.life.

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