Notes on: "How to Decide" by Annie Duke

Simple Tools for Making Better Choices

Lessons building API's

Avoid my mistakes following CRUD conventions, and instead keep it concise with just Find & Upsert

Programming Language Quirks

How different quirks within programming languages end up affecting the libraries and applications written in them.

The L in SOLID

Liskov Substitution Principle in practice, for Go

Notes: "Never Split the Difference" by Chris Voss

Empathy and tools for negotiation and communication

Semantic Versioning — A Heuristic for Expertise

Find out how semantic versioning can provide assurances and efficient signals when interviewing.

What Every Software Engineer Should Know About Documentation

Want to improve your projects health? Increase developer productivity? Start here

Kindness, Empathy, and Directness

And why I'm always open to the possibility my assumptions could be wrong

Change is Invevitable. Progress is Optional

My reactions when seeing the successes of old friends

Notes for "Programming Beyond Practices" by Gregrey T. Brown

One of the best catalogues of real world programming scenarios, and how to handle them.