What is full lifecycle application development?

Full lifecycle application development. What does that mean exactly?

In my mind its being able to design and develop a system from conception. For me to be a key participant in design sprints. I can managing complex requirements by agresivily pursuing the needed balance. Between fast and slow. Between software quality and iterative improvement of business oriented features. It means I must be prepared for how software may need to scale and how with the proper assumptions about the future can create business value.

Designing, coding and debugging applications in various software languages.

I work quick and dirty on design sketches. I command a sense of how I best utilize the whiteboard space over the day’s sprint. I can create quick iterative sketches and can empathize with interview of domain expert. I jump at the challenge of creating something from nothing in design sprints.

Frameworks and tools. I always look to utilize the best tools to craft code into a feature driven product. It’s my bread and butter. You want code to be structured to grow gracefully in size and complexity, throughout all